These Flute-Playing Monks Just Inspired A New Natural, Fast-Acting Anxiety Relief Device

When you’re feeling nervous or stressed, what do you do?

For most people, the answer is simple: Take a pill.

Or maybe you binge eat… or smoke cigarettes… or do something else unhealthy.

But what if you could relieve your anxiety and stress just as quickly and effectively… but instead of pills or unhealthy habits, it was also healthy – and completely natural?

If you struggle with anxiety, this probably sounds like a dream. But as two childhood friends recently discovered while backpacking through the countryside, an incredibly powerful, natural, and fast-acting way to relieve anxiety already exists – and it has for thousands of years!

But of course, you haven’t heard about it. And it’s unlikely your doctor is even aware of it. The reason for that is simple…

Doctors Still Rely on Pills That Come With Dangerous Side Effects – Even Though Safer & More Effective Alternatives Exist

Unfortunately, modern treatments haven’t progressed much over the last decade.

A quick Google search for “common anxiety treatments” returns a list of – you guessed it – pharmaceutical drugs.

From Xanax to Valium, today’s doctors still see pills as the go-to treatment for anxiety disorders. And why not? After all, they work quickly – which gets you out of their office fast. (Never mind that you’ll just be back next month for refills…)

The problem, of course, is that these drugs carry a long list of side effects… they’re addictive… and they don’t help you solve the REAL cause of your stress and anxiety.

From mental fog and loss of libido to withdrawal symptoms that involve full-blown seizures… many patients report that the side effects are worse than the anxiety itself.

These drugs are not a long-term solution, and they can even be dangerous in the short term. In 1999, only 1,135 people died from anxiety drugs… but in 2017, more than 11,537 people died from accidental overdoses – a 1000% increase.1

We’re in the middle of an “anxiety epidemic” – and until recently, there was no clear answer in sight.

But Now, Thanks To A Lucky Discovery, There’s A New Way To Get Fast Anxiety Relief – And It’s 100% Natural.

In 2019, childhood friends Yash and Jaymin were backpacking through the countryside.

During their trip, they stumbled upon a monastery where they befriended the monks that lived there.

From nature walks to being fully present during a cup of tea, these monks believed that being calm (or “Zen”) should be part of everyday life – not something you only experience when participating in a sacred ritual or meditation.

But according to Yash and Jaymin, one practice, in particular, seemed to be the most essential to these monks: Playing the flute.

At first, Yash and Jaymin thought the music from the flute itself was the source of their Zen calm… but they were wrong.

Yes, it sounds beautiful. But the little-known secret to relieving stress and gaining incredible focus actually has nothing to do with the music at all – it was the way they breathed through their flutes.

According to the monks, the flute is an incredible way to achieve a calm state of mind – because it encourages deep breathing.

The monks explained that the small mouthpiece slows their breathing – which has been known for centuries to have deep meditative effects on the body.

The monks refer to this as ‘breathing Zen’.

That’s When Yash And Jaymin Realized: These Monks Had The World’s Best Way To Relieve Anxiety!

Yash and Jaymin were impressed by what they learned and quickly realized that this technique could be the missing piece for the millions of people (including them) who suffer from stress and anxiety in their daily lives.

They were amazed by how simple it is: Just breathe deeply!

But if it’s so simple, why don’t we ever do it?

For anyone who’s ever tried it, you know how easy it is to forget… when emotions run hot, you can often get caught up in the moment.

After all, who really wants to carry around a flute with them everywhere they go? But they realized they didn’t need to… they just needed to mimic the same effect of flute breathing.

After years of engineering and testing, Beam was born… and now millions of people can enjoy natural stress relief on demand.

What Is Beam?

Beam is a simple breathing device that deepens your breathing by extending your exhale – it even works better than the bamboo flute.

It’s worn as a necklace, so you always have it available whenever you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

When you breathe through a Beam, the device restricts outwards airflow and forces you to exhale more slowly.

This helps you automatically start something called rhythmic breathing – a form of breathing that’s scientifically proven to calm your nerves and reduce anxiety.2

Beam Isn’t Just A Great Idea – Its Method Is Backed By Science (Here’s How It Works)

The science behind it is actually pretty simple.

When stressed, we naturally breathe shorter, faster breaths known as shallow breathing.3

That’s where the Beam necklace comes in.

With Beam, you can easily retrain your mind and body to stop 'shallow breathing'. Blowing through the beam creates the breathing resistance needed to encourage a deeper longer exhale. This deep breathing technique scientifically triggers your nervous system to calm you.4

Properly extending your exhale using deep breathing techniques can improve your blood pressure, heart rate, and increase oxygen to the brain – leading to your mellower state of mind.5

Before long, the anxiety fades away as you slip into a calming state of relaxation and focus.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Trauma Stress, breathing-based techniques were shown to significantly decrease anxiety.6

And yet another study found that people who followed a similar breathing routine for 8 weeks showed significantly reduced anxiety levels.7

(See what actual doctors have to say about it….)

Using Beam is Easy – Anyone Can Do It

Anyone can use Beam – it really is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Inhale through your nose
  2. Slowly exhale through Beam
  3. Enjoy a feeling of calm relaxation

From there, Beam’s internal design will “trick” you into enjoying a peaceful state of deep rhythmic breathing.

Now, at this point, you may be wondering: “Can’t I just blow through a straw?”

Sadly, no – it won’t be as effective. Beam’s tube length and width are specifically engineered to create the ideal exhale resistance needed for maximum relaxation. Plus, the fact that it’s on a necklace helps it serve as a reminder to pause and relax. There’s really no comparison.

Beam also makes for an absolutely stunning accessory on both men and women thanks to its simple, modern design.

It’s made with durable 316 Grade Stainless Steel that doesn’t tarnish – so it will keep looking great (and functioning perfectly) for years and years.

That said, Beam is smaller and weighs less than a AAA battery, and can be discreetly tucked under your shirt or blouse if you wanted to (still keeping it within reach 24/7).

Most importantly, Beam is endorsed by doctors and doesn’t require a prescription – it’s completely safe and effective!

Beam is also surprisingly affordable – it’s just a fraction of the cost of just one therapy session, doctor’s visit, or prescription co-pay.

Here’s What Thousands of People Who Struggle With Anxiety and Depression Love About Beam:

  1. Beam works to reduce anxiety in as little as 5 breaths (compare this to “fast acting” prescription medications that take at least 30 minutes to kick in!)
  2. Beam can be used 24/7. Since there are no harmful side effects, you can use it as much as you’d like.
  3. It’s made to last a lifetime. Beam will save you thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime since you’ll be able to reduce or get rid of those expensive prescriptions or visits with a medical professional.
  4. Beam’s design is discreet and completely silent unlike other alternatives. No one will know that Beam is more than a necklace but you.
  5. Beam has received recognition from doctors and clinicians around the world thanks to the unique and proven powers behind Beam’s breathing technique.

Thanks To Yash And Jaymin’s Lucky Discovery, Thousands Of People Worldwide Are Finally Getting Fast, Natural Relief

Since releasing Beam, Yash and Jaymin have been overwhelmed by the response. Thousands of people are already using Beam to quickly relieve their anxiety and stress – and they can’t stop raving about it!

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If you suffer from stress or anxiety in your daily life, Beam could be the life-changing answer you’ve been looking for:

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